February 22, 2018  

Vacation Video 2007

I recently enjoyed an amazing, once in a life time trip with my Dad and Uncle to Politsani in August. Here I have assembled some of the video clips.

Click on any of the clips below to view the video.

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-- Mike Dilios

My father, (James Dilios) and my uncle (Bill Dilios) explain the route
in which they attempted to escape from Albania in 1957.
It took three attempts to succeed.

I took this video to capture the sounds that echoed through the village at night during the gathering in August 2007. You can hear music that all of the people are dancing too, but even better, you hear the echo if the Polyphonic songs being sung outside.

Group sings Polyphonic Songs in the village

Road to Politsani: Sheep Traffic Jam!!!

St. Nicholas Church in the village of Politsani in Albania

Good Panoramic view of Politsani in Albania

Exploring an Albanian bunker located in Politsani

More bunkers in the village of Politsani in Albania

Old inactive well in the mountains of Politsani

Going to the club in Politsani for a night of singing

Polyphonic singing in Politsani in Albania

Italian Army advances through Politsani in 1939

Italian army in Politsani during WWII

German Army in Politsani

Views of the village and mountains in Politsani

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My father (James Dilios) explains his escape from Albania


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